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Unit One

Three Bedroom Two Level Condo:

3 bedrooms upstairs:

$2,325.60 Per Week Saturday to Saturday

1 full bathroom, 2 rooms with 1 queen bed in each

and the big room with a balcony and 3 double beds 

Main Floor:

Eat In Kitchen, Large Living room and  1 half bathroom walk out to the beach 

10 person limit

Four Bedroom Three Level Condo:

$3,427.20 Per Week Saturday to Saturday 

Unit 1A & B can be rented together for a 14 person capacity, 3 floor 4 bedroom unit.

This option is available for unit 1 only

Unit 1A main livingroom
Unit 1A main livingroom

unit 1A main kitchen
1A bedroom one

1A bedroom two
1A bedroom three

1b basement kitchen/living
1b basement bedroom

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